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Over 30 years ago I worked for a Paediatrician who had a special interest in what was then termed cot death.  I found it very distressing and emotional dealing with cases.  Little was known about the syndrome, but thankfully the incidence has been markedly reduced after major risk factors were discovered and publicised.

The Lullaby Trust is a UK based charity providing expert advice on safer baby sleep and support for anyone bereaved through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Today marks the launch of their “Beards for Babies Campaign”.  A fundraiser that will see men growing beards across the UK, or men with beards going baby faced for the month.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) remains the leading cause of death between 1 month and 1 year of age.

I have reviewed and summarised some of the most recent literature.

The safest place for infants to sleep is in the parental bedroom in their own cot and not sharing with parent or other child.

Infants should be placed in the supine position (on their back) for all sleep periods.

Infants should be in a smoke free environment before and after birth.

Sleeping on a sofa should be avoided because it significantly increases the risk of SIDS.

The use of soft bedding that could cover the infants face should be avoided.  If blankets are used, infants should be placed with their feet at the bottom of the cot and tucked in on three sides to reduce the risk of the face becoming covered.

Toys should not be placed in the cot.

Breast feeding is known to decrease the risk of SIDS.


Dr Roger Goulds

Dr Roger Goulds has over 30 years experience as a General Practitioner in both the NHS and private sector. He has also worked in health screening and is very keen on early diagnosis and disease prevention. He has a special interest in sports and musculoskeletal medicine and works with professional sports men and women.

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