Because of the incredible benefits it offers your body, HIIT is fast becoming an incredibly popular fat loss workout plan in the fitness industry.

HIIT enables you to burn a ton of calories, lose more fat and enhances an individual’s cardiovascular fitness level, without wasting extra time doing cardio.  Whether you’re looking to get beach body ready or starting the process of major weight loss, it’s ideal.

There’s plenty of different HIIT exercises to enable you to lose the pounds.  These sessions focus on a tough, intense workout followed by vital resting, which enables fat burning to be far more efficient than if you tackle these as an endurance exercise.

We enlisted the help of a gym clothing brand to give us their top 5 HIIT sessions which you can see below.

1.)     The Dreaded Burpees

This may be a gruelling workout, but it’s also an incredible HIIT exercise which many different muscles and is a fantastic fat burner.

Our Tips:Put a weight on the dumbbells which challenges you but still enables you to do the exercise correctly.  Stand first, and with DB’s in your hands, keep hold of DB’s whilst placing them down a foot away from you.  Then, kick out both feet, putting yourself in a plank position, with arms and legs fully stretched out.  Proceed to jump your feet back towards DB’s, whilst bending your knees, then stand upright again.

Keep going for 30-60 secs without pausing, then rest for 60-90 secs, doing 5-10 sets overall.

2.)     Treadmill Sprints

I know we said that you don’t have to pound the treadmill, but it’s still an exercise we advise doing.

Our Tips:If you’re truly tough, stick a 3-5% incline on for this, otherwise just follow the same tips on the flat.  Run as hard as you can for 5-10 sprints, for 20-30 secs, with a rest of 60-90 secs between each.  Getting your breath back between sprints is important, to ensure that your heart rate has lowered greatly.

3.)     Static Jump Lunges

Due to the lactic acid build-up, this exercise is truly for the tough in body and mind.

Our Tips: Start from a static lunge position.  Have your leading thigh parallel to the floor, rear foot pivoted on your toes, and leap upward with your force deriving from the leading thigh.  Then, whilst in the air, switch your legs in reverse and land in the original position, having alternated the legs.

Repeat with only brief pauses, and aim to complete every set without stopping altogether.  Perform for 20-60 secs, rest for 60-90 sets and aim to do 3-6 sets.  If you’re managing all six, then you’re in seriously good shape.

4.)     Robust Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing machine technique is about using your legs, and this is more a case of toughness than anything complex.

Our Tips: This is more of a long-haul exercise.  Do 3000-5000 meters on the HIIT rower, alternating between 200m. fast and intense and a slower, relaxed 200m. until you’ve completed your distance.

5.)     Clean and Press

This very technical exercise uses all muscles.  If this is your first time trying the exercise, please ask a professional or watch some tutorials.  If you’ve done this one before, here’s how we think it’s best done.

How To:Choose a weight you can comfortably get above your head for multiple repetitions.  Perform the exercise at high speed, driving force from your legs, clutching the bar to your chest and extending the arms over your head, to then lower it under control.  Repeat until exhausted!

So, if you’re looking to smash a truly tough and body benefiting exercise, get down the gym and follow our tips for a perfect HIIT workout.


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