The problem with that strategy is that you can easily end up doing more harm than good to yourself and if you sustained the injury at work, you definitely need to first report the incident as soon as the injury occurs and secondly, seek medical advice as well as legal advice if necessary.

Injury claims specialists are kept busy with helping workers get the compensation they are entitled to if they suffer from job-related back pain or sustain a serious injury that could have been avoided, so here are some tips to consider if you find yourself in that situation.

Avoiding an injury

Considering that back pain is estimated to cost the UK economy about £5 billion per year, it is a safety topic that is certainly worthy of discussion, and the key issue is trying to eliminate the number of injuries sustained in the first place.

This can be achieved with a combination of better working practices adopted by employers and a greater level of training and awareness for employees who are potentially at risk from sustaining a back injury due to the work that they do.

Back injuries are almost persistently cited as the most common injury to be sustained in the workplace so there is a tangible need for excellent work safety practices and rules to be implemented and strictly observed in order to reduce the prospect of an injury occurring.


Certain jobs will involve lifting duties on a regular basis and therefore it is hoped that someone who is working in a warehouse for example, is given comprehensive training by their employer with regard to how to lift items safely and knowing their limits.

There is responsibility on both the employer and also the employee to observe these safety guidelines and you should never look to breach these rules and take a chance by lifting something heavier than you should or take a shortcut on safety, thinking it won’t matter.

Back injury can often result from a simple error of judgement or it can happen due to negligence, such as an obstruction or a spillage on the floor that causes someone to fall awkwardly and injure their back.

Not just about lifting

Back pain and spinal injuries are not just about lifting heavy items and it and a percentage of back pain is brought about by stress and bad posture.

As well as developing smart lifting and carrying habits that are in line with work guidelines, it is important that office workers are given a suitable office chair that is set at the correct height and offers the level of support your back needs for the time spent working at your desk.

There are laws in place to protect employees when it comes to sustaining personal injuries in the workplace but if you do suffer an injury or develop a persistent back pain, talk to your employer and seek independent advice if you are not satisfied with their response.

Jason Sardis has a number of years experience in relation to occupational therapy. He is always willing to provide what he hopes are useful and informative words online. His ideas and observations can be found across a number of career and employment websites.


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