Are you aware that Monday 12 October marks the opening of the talkhealth online clinic on Mental Health?

Good mental health means feeling good about life and feeling good about yourself.

free thinkerThere have been recent articles in the press about Mindfulness and how it can help with good mental health but may actually be detrimental to people suffering from mental illness such as anxiety or depression  if taught by people with insufficient training or experience and expertise.

I have read several definitions of Mindfulness and am just starting to get some understanding of what it is. I believe it originated from Buddism but being religious is not a requirement to practise it. It is an awareness of what is going on around us and an awareness of our own thoughts and emotions as they are happening. Being mindful is said to help us to recognise early signs of stress and anxiety in our daily lives allowing us to cope better with the pressures of modern society.

Mindfulness can include practising meditation and disciplines such as yoga or tai-chi. There are currently numerous different ways an individual can participate including one to one training, group courses, online courses, books, video and audio material and even apps.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence ( NICE) guidance on depression recommends that any interventions are performed by competent practitioners.

There is currently an Allparty Parlimentary Group on Mindfulness considering the role it may play in helping the nations mental health.  It is due to report later this month. I look forward to reading it and to our next clinic. It will be interesting to see if any of our experts have any views on the subject.




Dr Roger Goulds

Dr Roger Goulds has over 30 years experience as a General Practitioner in both the NHS and private sector. He has also worked in health screening and is very keen on early diagnosis and disease prevention. He has a special interest in sports and musculoskeletal medicine and works with professional sports men and women.

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