NHS Blood & Transplant need your blood. You may have seen their latest campaign entitled #missingtype.

The campaign has been designed to attract blood donors new and old. The campaign is running across several social media channels including Twitter and Instagram and supported by a wide range of people and companies, including large corporate companies such as Boots and Microsoft. People are being encouraged to write their name on a piece of paper, missing out the O’s, A’s and B’s and post it to social media using #missingtype. There’s also a great video showing some of the larger companies dropping those letters from their logos.

You can watch the campaign video here.

In England alone, 200,000 new donors of all ages are desperately needed, particularly those with O negative and A negative blood groups from black and South Asian communities.

Giving blood is really easy and takes less than 15 minutes.

You can go on line and make an appointment at any time and it’s quick to register to give blood. You can even check to see if you are eligible to give blood – most people are.

I gave blood today – from the time I left the office until the time I got back it was less than an hour, and I walked there and back. I give as regularly as I’m allowed and it does feel good to think I could be saving someone’s life.


Give blood and help replenish the O’s, A’s & B’s

To support #missingtype, I had my photo taken with the O’s, A’s and B’s of my name and of talkhealth missing.

Be part of something important and help to start putting back those O’s, A’s and B’s. Make an appointment to give blood today.



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