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I talk rather alot about working “In”as well as” Out” in my sessions but how do you know when to work “in” and not work “out”?

It’s really simple protocol but as ever you need to be accurate and consistent to get the best result. Follow the steps below to get grips with your body and start to understand if youre over stressed and need to deploy working in over working out exercises.

# Take your pulse in the morning, before you get out of bed.

# Do this for thirty seconds daily for 7 days straight. (ideally you’ll be relaxed when doing so)

# Calculate your average morning heart rate buy working out the, mean mode or range average. You’ve now calculated your “Baseline Resting Heart Rate”, BRHR.

Moving forward whenever your BRHR rises 4 beats above the normal average value, it’s time to think about replacing your normal exercise Work”out” habit with gentle or more relaxing movements for that day! Walking by water, painting, drawing or singing are all good alternatives to try.

A 5 beat rise above your average BRHR means taking the day off exercise all to gather, stretch, meditate or practise tai-chi, qi-gong or Working “In” exercises relative to the stressed Zone or Chakra.

Expert professionals such as P. Chek found that a rise of just 5 beats above BRHR saw the athletes become sick within hours!

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