Osteoarthritis can be seen as a reason to avoid exercise. However a great infographic from the Institute of Bone and Joint Research shows that even if walking and doing some exercise may hurt the answer is not to avoid those activities as they are both important.

an infographic showing the benefits of exercising with osteoarthritis


Doing some exercise is one of the best ways to support yourself to live with osteoarthritis whatever your age or level of fitness. Regular exercise that keeps you active, builds up muscle and strengthens the joints usually helps to improve symptoms. For example there is evidence that for those with osteoarthritis in the knee then strengthening the muscle in the front of the upper leg can lead to improvements in pain and function.

If you are interested in learning how exercise can help you manage your osteoarthritis then for more information please get in contact with helenrothwell@wholelifefitness.co.uk

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Having worked in IT in London for 15 years I was made redundant in 2009. I had trained as a gym instructor whilst working and decided I would rather spend the rest of my career doing something I loved than look for another job in IT. I furthered my qualifications with a Certificate in Advanced Personal Training from the highly regarded Premier Training. Many personal trainers are generalists covering all areas of fitness but I took the decision to specialise in the over-50s and therefore went on to do a CYQ Award in Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult Level 3. My focus is on overall health rather than fitness. I believe that making small changes can have a long term positive effect on health and well-being.

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