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Met Office issues heatwave health warning for Bank Holiday weekend

The Met Office has issued a level three heat health warning for parts of England from tomorrow to Monday morning, with officials believing there is a 90% chance of a heatwave, especially in Eastern parts of England.

Stay safe in this weather and make sure you drink plenty of water, aim for shade and help those who are particularly vulnerable in the heat.

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Multiple medicines are a side effect risk for over 65s

Age UK says more than one in 10 over 65s in England take eight or more prescribed medications each week. The charity says if medicines are appropriately prescribed by doctors, older people shouldn’t worry but the way the body processes medicines change when you get older, so this age group may be more susceptible to side effects like dizziness, confusion and nausea.

The charity said older people should be fully involved in decisions about what they are prescribed, and wants doctors to regularly review what patients are taking.

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Fish oil supplements no benefit for type 2 diabetes

New research from the University of East Anglia suggests that people with type 2 diabetes shouldn’t be encouraged to take omega-3 fish oil supplements. The review of more than 80 studies found no evidence that omega 3 is neither any benefit or harm to people with the condition.

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Hospital food review announced by the government

The government has announced it will work with the NHS to improve food quality in hospitals and provide safe, nutritious and tasty food. The review will include more healthy options for NHS patients and staff, particularly for those working overnight.

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