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Two diet drinks a day can increase death risk by 26%

Consuming two or more diet drinks a day can increase your chances of dying by 26%, says the World Health Organization. A survey asked 451,743 adults from ten European countries how often they had diet soft drinks, sugary drinks and fruit squashes.

After 16 years, 41,693 had died. Those who had two or more glasses a day of any soft drink were more likely to die than those who had a glass a month.

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Using mouthwash can reverse the benefits of exercising

The University of Plymouth has completed a study, which suggests that using anti-bacterial mouthwash can actually reduce the benefits of exercise in lowering your blood pressure. The study shows it kills of oral bacteria, which are vital to opening up blood vessels.

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Vegans and vegetarians may have higher stroke risk

Major research published in the British Medical Journal has revealed that people who eat vegan and vegetarian diets have a lower risk of heart disease but a higher risk of a stroke.

The research looked at 48,000 people for up to 18 years and vegans and vegetarians had 10 fewer cases of heart disease and three more strokes per 1,000 people compared with the meat-eaters.

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Suicide rates increase, with men in 40s at highest risk

Mental Health Charities have called for action after it has been revealed that the number of suicides in the UK has risen for the first time since 2013. A total of 6,507 were recorded last year, and three-quarters of these (4,903) were men over 40, according to the Office for National Statistics.

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