When COVID 19 debuted globally, scientists emphasised the need to boost immunity. But how do we breathe life into this goal? In reality, one needs to eat a healthy diet since it can improve the body’s immunity. Therefore, eating a nutritious diet is crucial for immune system health. Not to forget, the human body requires various micronutrients.

Some essential immune cells include vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, selenium, zinc, and protein. Thus, if your body doesn’t get each in abundance, you’ll eventually feel weaker with time.

What is The Immunity System?

Every day, we are exposed to harmful microbes of all kinds. This is where our immune system, which is a network of intricate stages, protects us against these microbes. Thus, reducing the chances of us getting stuck with various diseases. It has the power to recognize foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and even certain diseases. Human beings have two types of immunity, innate and adaptive.

Innate immunity is acknowledged as the first-line defence system since it protects the body from harmful pathogens, which are acquired through different bacteria. This is inclusive of:

  • Skin that is deprived of the vast majority of pathogens
  • Stomach acid that is deprived of the pathogens
  • Mucus that traps pathogens
  • The immune system will also attack all kinds of harmful bacteria that enter the system


Adaptive immunity is a systematic art that helps the immune system realise the nature of a pathogen. It is regulated by cells in the body like the thymus, bone marrow, spleen, and lymph nodes. Therefore, when a foreign substance penetrates the body, these cells create antibodies and immediately attack it. Later, our immune system remembers the substance, and the antibodies get even better at destroying it the other time. This way, our body is able to withstand the attack of the deadliest diseases that exist.

What Factors Depress the Immune System?

There are plenty of factors that have a negative impact on our immune system. The first one is ageing. As we age, our internal organs become less efficient,thus, the immune-related organs such as bone marrow or thymus contribute to the production of fewer immune cells. Eventually, making us feel weaker and our bodies unable to fight chaotic diseases.

Secondly, environmental toxins contribute to a weakened immune system too. Now that pollution is all over the place, it is the reason behind a lot of people dying every year due to poor health conditions. Furthermore, a lot of obese people complain about a weak immune system too.

Since their body is a habitat for unhealthy fat, they are at risk of influenza virus and other stuff. And, if you do eat a healthy diet, your body will get weakened with time. Now that fast food is all over the place, it has caused damage to the eating patterns of millions of people globally. This, complemented with stress, adds more fuel to the fire since mental and physical health work hand in glove.

What are the vitamins that boost the immune system?

There are tons of vitamins to boost immune system. You just need to develop a strong understanding of them to consume them in the right amount. Here, we will list down some of them:

●       Vitamin C

It helps in preventing infections and will curtail their longevity. You can easily acquire it from bell peppers, kale, spinach, papaya, strawberries, and brussels sprouts.

●       Vitamin E

It is a powerful antioxidant in the body that will fight off all infections. It can be acquired from almonds, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, soybean oil, hazelnuts, and peanut butter.

●       Vitamin A

This infection fighter can be acquired from sweet potatoes, pumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, and cantaloupe.

●       Vitamin D

Also acknowledged as the sunshine vitamin, it is a very important nutrient for the immune system of the body. However, food sources are limited, such as tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, and milk.

●       Folic Acid

A folate is a natural form, and an acid is a synthetic form. Get more beans and lentils on your plate to make the most of folic acid. Avocado is yet another tasty source that helps you enjoy this vital nutrient.


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