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Dr Gowri Motha is the ultimate A list pregnancy guru. Her clientele reads like the guest list at the hottest celebrity bash. Elle McPherson, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Sam Taylor Wood, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss have all worked with Gowri to either get pregnant and or enjoy a happy pregnancy and birth experience. An experienced medical doctor, Gowri uses the best of the West and the East for a wonderful healthy pregnancy and birth, delivering a calm baby. http://www.gentlebirthmethod.com

Dr Gowri Motha

25 Apr

Water all the way!

Water births are gaining in popularity, although some people still consider them to be rather unconventional! I personally believe water birthing gives the mother, baby and partner the best possible experience. Far from being an “unconventional birthing method” according to …

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