The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) is proud to have taken part in the review process and is pleased to see that many of its recommendations have been included in the final report of the Sir Bruce Keogh “Review To Ensure the Safety of Patients Seeking Cosmetic Treatment” which is published today.

The BAD strongly supports the recommendations for greater controls for nonsurgical cosmetic interventions such as laser and light treatments, botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections, chemical peels and others. Many of these procedures were pioneered by dermatologists for treatment of skin disease. Applications have now extended to the aesthetic arena, however the inherent risks of the procedures themselves are not necessarily mitigated. The BAD has identified nonsurgical cosmetic interventions as an area of risk-our members are consulted regularly to manage complications as a consequence. Audit results suggest such adverse events can not only be severe and debilitating, but also chronic or even permanent. There is further evidence of mismanagement of skin disease with significant health consequences, such as missed skin cancer.

The BAD also supports the recommendation that appropriate training, assessment and accreditation is required for all practitioners, leading to entry onto a Non-Surgical Cosmetic Interventions Register. This will standardize and regulate practice leading to improved safety, best practice and real patient benefit.

The development of such training, assessment and accreditation should be a collaborative effort, including key clinician stakeholders. Due to our expertise in the skin, hair and nails (including skin ageing and its psychological impact), Dermatologists are key leaders in this field. Our breadth of specialist knowledge, technical proficiency and clear commitment to the clinical and basic science principles which underpin evidence-based practice is unique, and must play a crucial role in shaping high quality training, assessment and accreditation.

Furthermore, the BAD has a historical track record of leading multidisciplinary training, assessment and accreditation. We therefore support the recommendations of your Review of Cosmetic Interventions and look forward to directing the development of a Non-Surgical Cosmetic Interventions Register, ultimately for the benefit of our patients and the public.

Tamara Griffiths, Consultant Dermatologist and representative of BAD to the Review says:

“As a Consultant Dermatologist I have myself seen the devastation that can be caused to a person’s appearance when intra-dermal fillers go wrong. In many cases the effects can be reversed – although it may take a long time – but in some the disfigurement will be permanent.

Although I have never had to deal with this myself there are also reports of blindness and even death being caused by inappropriate injection of fillers. I am therefore very pleased to have been involved in the Review and glad to see that the recommendations coming out of it will make this area of cosmetic treatment safer for the public in the future.”

Consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President, Rajiv Grover, says;

“At the BAAPS we welcome the report’s recommendations and look forward to working in collaboration with other clinical associations including dermatologists, to continue furthering patient safety and education in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.”

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