mysleep support programme

mysleep provides 12 weeks of dedicated support, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about all things relating to hair loss, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

Sleep is so important to our health, and we all appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is the inability or difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep for a long enough time to wake up feeling rested.

Sleep issues can affect anyone, with 1 in every 3 people in the UK living with sleep issues such as disturbed sleep or insomnia. Many of these sleep issues can be short term, due to stress, illness or environmental and lifestyle factors.

Some of the topics the programme covers include:

  • Children’s sleep
  • Snoring
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Sleep environments and routines

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Overall Rating



It was very informative I got a few new tools to use for my sleep problems..
Lorna (May 21) 5.0/5

It was good knowledge.

Ursula (May 21) 5.0/5

I loved this programme so much the spray is absolutely amazing and it was really interesting how such a bottle of spray could simply improve everything for my sleep as well as some of the guidance and things I've read on the site it's a top product.

Paige (Mar 21) 5.0/5




The programme was good in regards to making people aware of different ways to help enhance sleeping problems. I would recommend this as you can learn long time skills to help with insomnia and other sleep disorders. It was also good to have references to various support groups for added help and assistance. 

Sheila (Mar 21) 5.0/5

My sleep pattern was so much all over the place especially with the menopause which I've been going through for well 2 years now. So decided to do the 12 weeks sleep program (I was thinking there's nothing to lose, well I'm so glad I have there's so much to learn from start to finish I thought I knew everything about my body but no not when it comes to sleeping, I enjoyed reading the information some relating to myself and some not but now I have changed my sleeping pattern for the better and getting a good night's sleep except when my partner snores lol! Any help for him?

Julie (Nov 20) 5.0/5

It was good to get support over a few weeks, it coved all kinds of things to do with sleep. I think the way the world is at the moment everyone's sleep is all over the place so it is good to do

Linda (Nov 20) 5.0/5

Interesting and informative. Helpful tips included too.

Bridget (Nov 20) 4.0/5

The mysleep support programme was so informative and because it was broken down into a newsletter on different elements I didn't feel overwhelmed with information. The information provided assisted me in recognising some of the reasons for sleep issues and when tackled improved my sleep.

Debbie (Nov 20) 5.0/5

It's really helpful to know that you're not alone with an issue. It's a great place for advice and covers everything. It is surprising how just making some minor adjustments can make a big difference, and I'm hopeful that with lifestyle changes I will continue to see an improvement.

Kelly (Nov 20) 5.0/5

A great program full of information and insights.

Julie (Oct 20) 5.0/5

Quite a good programme although very little seems to help me with the issue.

Donald (Oct 20) 3.0/5

The sleep support programme is very comprehensive in the issues covered. Some are more relevant to rather than others. For me, the main issue is discipline regarding setting a bedtime and observing it. Lockdown has also helped with this as strange as it may seem. Definitely a worthwhile exercise. Thank you.

Christine (Oct 20) 4.0/5

It was really useful to read about the number of different things that could affect your sleep. The information meant there were lots of different things to try to improve my sleeping patterns.

Alison (Oct 20) 5.0/5

This is an excellent programme for everyone to learn the things preventing us from having a good night sleep. The reasons we do not get a good night sleep from the temperature we keep our bedrooms to too much light. Aches and pains caused by the bed we sleep in , the bedding too little or too much. Our physical or our mental health the impact these things have on how well we sleep the quality or the quantity. The effects our digital gadgets including our phones and television has in disrupting our natural sleep cycle. Other problems with snoring and sleep apnoea sleep disorders. How work can affect your sleep and even diet and exercise. This is a great program and would recommend everyone to give it a try.

Margaret (Oct 20) 5.0/5

I've changed my mattress on my bed, I have new bedside lamp with lights for make me falling asleep in 6 min, I don’t eat now later then 19:30, I use lavender spray for my bedsheets. What can I say? It helped me a lot with everything my GP didn’t help with and also is easier than getting a GP appointment and just doing this program online was fantastic.

Cerasela (Sep 20) 5.0/5